After Care Following Surgical Root Canal Treatment (Apicoectomy)

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We hope your experience at surgical root canal treatment (Apicoectomy) has been a pleasant one. Please read these instructions carefully to participate effectively in the healing phase and proper success of this procedure for your tooth.

We may have used a local anesthetic to thoroughly numb the area being treated. This numbness in your lips, teeth and tongue might last for several hours after the procedure. You should avoid any chewing until the numbness has completely worn off.

  1. Swelling, minor pain, blood leaking, and/or skin discoloration (bruise) may be experienced – this will be temporary. If the surgery was performed in the lower jaw, a tingling of the lower lip is possible due to stretching of the nerve supplying this area.
  2. In order to keep swelling to a minimum, use of an ice pack is recommended. The ice pack should be used alternately – 30 minutes on; 10 minutes off, for first 24 hours following surgery. This will help to keep swelling to a minimum. If swelling occurs, it will reach its peak by the 4th day. It can take up to 10 days to resolve in some cases. Discoloration (bruise) may appear following the surgery and will gradually disappear.
  3. Slight bleeding can be expected during the first day of surgery. If excessive bleeding occurs place a wet tea bag inside the mouth at the surgical area and press firmly on the face over the operated area for 30 minutes. The tannic acid in the tea enhances clot formation. Keeping the head somewhat elevated overnight with something like an extra pillow will also help to keep the swelling down.
  4. Do not raise the lip with your fingers to inspect the treated area – you may pull out some of the stitches and delay your healing.
  5. Avoid hot liquids and eat only soft foods for the first 48 hours. Use your own judgment after this period, but avoid hard or chewy foods until your next visit. Drink plenty of cold liquids. Do NOT drink through a straw. Avoid alcohol or any liquid that bubbles or fizzes such as sodas.
  6. Do not brush teeth in the operated area for 5 days after surgery. Be sure to brush the rest of your teeth. Instead, use the mouthrinse prescription provided.
  7. On the 2nd day, use warm salt water rinses (1 teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water) or the prescribed mouth rinse (non-alcohol based), whichever your doctor has prescribed on the treated area under the lip or cheek. This should be done 4 to 5 times a day, allowing for 1 minute of rinsing each time. Rinse gently. Continue to rinse for the remainder of the week.
  8. For pain, use over-the-counter pain reliever, following label directions or as prescribed by your doctor. To some extent a slight fever may follow. Take over- the-counter paracetamol, following label directions for the fever. If medicine has been prescribed and any undesirable side effects occur, then discontinue the medicine and call the dental office at once. If difficulty in breathing, wheezing, airway constriction or skin rash occurs, call at once and seek medical care if your dentist cannot be reached.
  9. Sutures (stitches) are placed to hold the gum tissues in the proper position for ideal healing. Please do not touch them or pull at them. Return to the office as pre-arranged by appointment, approximately 7 days after surgery.
  10. It is our sincere desire to have you as comfortable as possible during your healing period. If you have any questions or problems, call the office anytime for an appointment. You will not be charged.

P.S. Drink extra water. Get extra sleep. Be relaxed and joyful.

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