Tooth Fillings

1. Why do I need tooth fillings?

Main reason why we need tooth fillings or restorations is to preserve the natural teeth and prevent further damage to the tooth, which often times lead to extraction if left untreated. Another reason is to eliminate unsightly cavities or marks especially those easily seen when we talk or smile. Tooth sensitivity commonly caused by wrong brushing technique can also be minimized if not totally eliminated by fillings or restoration.

2. What will I benefit from tooth filling?

Having zero cavities boosts a person’s confidence. How? By having a bright smile and fresh breath.

3. What is the difference between the silver fillings and the new, natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings?

Dental Amalgam or the “silver fillings” are commonly used before as the main material for fillings but awareness of the ill effects of mercury content of these fillings has now been questioned and the demand for a different material has been raised. The use of composites or tooth-colored fillings has increased tremendously today. Improvements have been made especially to the light-cured Composites to make these restorations appear more natural looking.