Tooth Extraction

1. One or more of my teeth are painful. Does that mean I need to have them removed? 

A toothache should never be ignored, even if the pain is bearable and lasts only a short time. Take a pain reliever if necessary. Also, avoid extremely hot, cold or sweet foods and beverages, and rinse your mouth with warm water and use dental floss to remove food particles. It is best to see your dentist to know what is causing the pain. Your dentist will assess what best treatment is needed to remedy the pain.

2. What causes a tooth abscess?

An abscess is caused by an infection in either your tooth or gum. Ignoring an abscess could eventually affect the adjacent teeth and even your general health. An abscessed tooth may be saved through root canal or gum therapy; as a last resort, it may be extracted. You may take something for the pain but do not self-prescribe any antibiotics. It is best that they are given to you by your dentist. Also, do not put a mentholated pad to relieve the swelling. Doing so will only drain the abscess onto your skin and leave an ugly scar. Try not to sleep on the side of the abscessed tooth.