Consultations & Fees

1. What happens in a consultation?

During a consultation, the dentist first addresses the reason for the patient’s visit, like a toothache, or bleeding gums, or simply just to have a regular check up. The dentist thoroughly checks the overall oral health by clinical examination of the teeth, gums, tongue and other surrounding structures. Dental x-rays, when needed are to be taken to aid in diagnosing any dental problems suspected. Afterwards, he will discuss with the patient his overall assessment and treatment plan.

2. Why are dental fees so high?

When compared to other medical fees, dental fees are actually low. In fact, unlike most medical costs, dental fees have not kept up pace with inflation. And yet dentists must also pay the high costs of maintaining an elaborate array of dental equipment. We want to make your dental visit comfortable for you. We fit out our clinics with electronically controlled chairs, examining lights, x-ray system, curing systems, instruments, supplies, sterilization systems, computer, patient education systems and others. Our dentists and staff continuously educate themselves on advances in dental techniques and materials to make sure that we only give you the highest standards of dental practice. We have taken every step not to pass these expenses on to you.

You will find that fees vary enormously from clinic to clinic; as does the quality and appearance of the dentistry performed. Patients often have an idea of what they think they might need to correct their teeth, but so many factors need to be taken into consideration before a realistic price can be determined. We believe our prices are extremely competitive.

Although we understand the right of patients to compare-shop to see which of their local dentists offers a given service for the lowest price, we do not compete in offering the lowest bid for a product or service. Our valued patients need to keep in mind that price must be one of the least reliable indicators for quality dental care. Not all dentists are all alike and can provide these procedures with uniform skill and outcomes, and that patients can rely solely on the absolute minimum of information provided by the websites to make a sound choice. Therefore, it is impossible to compare and understand the differences between one dentist’s quality, years in practice, training and skill, etc. and those of any other dentist. Moreover, the team, clinical ability, customer care, environment, etc., are all the usual things which must clearly differentiate our practice from others.

We recognize that the treatment may represent a sizable investment for you but taking care of this sooner rather than later will save you from much larger dental expenses in the future. Please remember if you could destroy God’s work which was made to last your entire life, our dental materials don’t have a chance. But with professional maintenance and care possible, implementing good oral hygiene, and controlling the destructive substances that we place in our mouth, it will last several years of enjoyment. Treatment procedure may not also be as complicated & painful if we fix them as soon as you can.