Breath Problems

1. Do you have “halitosis” or bad breath?

Do you know if you have bad breath? Not sure? For any of us, the status of one’s breath may be difficult to determine. You may realize that you have one due to the reactions of the people around you. Bad breath, also known as “halitosis”, doesn’t have to be a very big problem. Appropriate cures for bad breath are usually very simple once the person understands the causes of his breath odor.

2. Can you test yourself if you have bad breath?

Yes. Try licking the backside of your hand or your wrist, wait for a few seconds, then smell the area. What do you smell? That is actually what you smell. Another test you can do is by checking the back part of your tongue. Get a spoon, turn it upside down, and try to scrape the very back part of your tongue. Just be careful not to reach too far or you might gag. If you see a thick whitish material on the spoon, try smelling it again. Now, did that answer your question?

3. What do I do if I have bad breath?

90% of breath problems are caused by bacteria present in the mouth, more specifically, “anaerobic bacteria” or bacteria that thrive in environments where oxygen is not present. The whitish material or coating you see commonly on the tongue is plaque accumulation with oral bacteria thriving on it. However, other factors may also influence the odor of one’s breath, such as the following:

  • certain food (garlic, onions)
  • smoking
  • gum disease