Our Healthcare Team

The healthcare team creates strong bonds that extend beyond the parameters of work.  Work for us is more than a job.  We are more than colleagues.  We get that positive team and family spirit just by being in the same facility each day.  Cooperation and mutual support can be seen, heard, and felt.

Our happiness depends very much on our commitment to make you happy.  “As long as the patients are happy, we’re happy.”  We share a bond thru a shared cause.  That shared cause is the joy of service.  This is the reason for our existence. 

The profession of dentistry provides us with opportunities to make a difference in the world every day.  We are excited doing dentistry that may bring joy and value to those who receive it.    We can relieve someone of pain, improve your oral health which can results to improve overall health, or we can change your smile to give you more confidence and well being.  That’s why we just don’t fix teeth; we change people’s lives (including ours) in the process.  This is a noble thing to get to do every day.

Although dentists are the captain of the team, our dental assistants, dental auxiliaries and front office staff are constantly trained with their specific fields.  As with any other office set up, these people you meet in our clinic work together as a team.  Dentists are very important, dental assistants are crucial to clinic efficiency, dental auxiliaries maintains order and cleanliness and our front office people are the gatekeepers, so they are a vital part of the team as well.

But there is another member of the dental team and we treat them with the respect and honor that they deserve.  We believe that the patient is the most valuable team member of the healthcare team.  TEAM for us means Together Everyone Achieves More.  No matter how gifted, skilled or technically able we are as doctors; optimum oral health or maximum dental fitness cannot be achieved by us alone.  It must involve the participation and affirmation of the patient as well.  Patients are partners with us in pursuit of a common goal:  that of achieving healthy beautiful smiles.

We simply let the patient team member tell us where they want to go, what kind of treatment they want, and how they want to be treated.  We believe that it is in everyone’s best self interest to become as healthy as they can become.  You are ultimately responsible for making healthy choices for yourself.  You want the treatment, we want to provide the treatment, and then we all work together to make it happen.  That’s what team work really is.

We have highly qualified personnel eager to serve you in all our branches. We take pride in our team of duly licensed general practitioners as well as certified specialists in the fields of orthodontics, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery and implant dentistry.