Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a high standard of dentistry and exceptional patient care, with a view of establishing solid and productive patient relations.

High standard of dentistry should not be viewed by our patients as glorified dental business-people, financially oriented and expensively trained In other words, “we always work with the patient’s best interest, in mind and in heart”.

Solid relationships thru exceptional patient care means creating a stronger emotional connection with our patients which begins the moment you, our patient, call the office as the first step before you will say “yes” to our recommendations.  While some patients are influenced solely by price, most want personal attention and a relationship with our team.  In other words, it is creating trust.

Productive relationships mean “encouraging our patients to be healthier” by creating value of having a healthy mouth and urgency of achieving it at the shortest time possible.   In other words, while focusing on helping our patients achieve their optimum dental health by doing the most dentistry possible each and every day, you must believe that the suggested procedure is the best option for you; and you must believe that it is the one that has the most value to you in the long run.  Because no matter how gifted, skilled or technically able we are as doctors; optimum health cannot be achieved by us alone.  It must involve your participation and affirmation as well.