Our Core Values





Quality Work

Here at Dentista, Inc. we are committed to:

  • Give our patients  the highest quality dental treatment, and to keep on improving and updating our patient care practices. Our patients deserve the best treatment at all times. This includes making our office and facilities aesthetically pleasant, functional and clean from any dental disease.
  • Provide our patients with proper home care instructions. Patients’ home care is a vital element of treatment. We are always ready to help patients to comply and commit to keeping their teeth and mouths healthy and clean.
  • Always be willing to offer a full explanation of your dental needs before, during and after treatment.
  • Be sensitive and aware of apprehensions and fears of patients, especially newcomers, when coming for dental visits. We therefore recognize our patients’ bravery and heroism in seeking dental treatment!
  • Ensure your visit to our office is as comfortable and as pain-free as possible.
  • Make every interaction with our patients a positive one. We are aware that many are highly fearful of dental visits and we recognize their bravery and heroism in their seeking dental treatment.


Integrity requires the dentist to behave with honor, decency and accountability.  It commits the dentist to provide optimum oral health not necessarily optimal repair.  There are many things we hope to accomplish, but saving as many teeth as possible is paramount.  After that however, we would have wanted to move the patient to stable, confident, and optimum health.

In other words, optimum oral health has its goal to fully return one’s mouth to its healthiest possible state.   It means we will provide our patients with treatment that primarily addresses their concerns and only apply what is medically proper, biologically sound, and the highest ethical and professional standards.  In other words, it is creating the smile patients want and deserve without compromising the health of their teeth.

The dentist individually and collectively holds the patients best interest in mind and in heart.  One of the things we love most about our industry is that we truly believe our #1 intention is to deliver the absolute best care to our patients.  We want our patient to be supremely fortunate as a result of our care.  It means the world to us when a patient feels and says, “I trust that you will do what is best for me”.  Our conduct always places this trust at the heart of our interaction with our patients.


We are committed to the highest levels of dental excellence.  Competence is what ethically right and appropriate expectation of the patient is.  In all that we do, we commit to achieve the best results.  Good enough is not good enough.  As a collective of expert healthcare service providers who have jointly and publicly committed to always give priority to the interests and needs of the patients we serve above our own and who in turn are trusted by the same patients to do so.  In other words, the dentist individually and the rest of the healthcare team collectively holds the patients best interest in mind and in heart.  We would not capitalize on the vulnerability of our patients in an attempt to maximize our own interests.

While balancing harms and benefits, the dentist seeks to minimize harms and maximize benefits for the patient.  If there is something that requires a specialist, your dentist will generally refer one.  We have also a duty to protect our patient’s confidentiality.

Concerned Care

Compassion requires caring and the ability to understand the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it. When people are headed off to see their dentist, the trip is often filled with anxiety, whether from anticipated pain or merely the unknown of what is actually the cause of their unwellness.  Consistent acts of kindness, a good “chairside manner” like a listening ear for the patient, concern for patient comfort and gentleness during treatment, giving the patient the opportunity to ask questions, and foremost, building a good rapport are all qualities of a caring, compassionate dentist.  S/he is concerned about the patients feeling and empathizes with him/her during times of pain.  We are also committed to providing you with all of the information, options, and guidance you need to make the best decision for you and your health.  This makes it easier for the patient to go though the procedure under reduced stress.  We will try our very best to make everyone feel safe, valued and extremely important.